New York Fucking City. Finally I was able to visit you. It has always been dream of mine to go. Last week I was able to do just that. The first thing my sister and I did after we landed from a 6.5hr flight was rush to our hotel, get dressed & go on our first adventure. The very next day after we booked our flights, we decided we would watch Wicked on Broadway.

We explored very few that night, we were dead tired. Mainly because we had decided to bust an all-nighter the night before our flight because it was so damn early and we didn't want to miss it. But it was all good fun.

Our hotel was located in South Manhattan, out in the Financial District (FiDi). Lucky for us, even though our hotel room was ridiculously small, like everything in NY of course, it was located in the perfect spot. we had two different subway stations within a 5min walk from us. The Brooklyn Bridge was just about 6 blocks away. Which we decided one night at 2am to walk to it, it was 30 degrees that night. For two Southern California locals, thats pretty damn cold. On the opposite direction of the bridge, about 4 blocks away we had the One World Trade Center & Twin Tower Memorial.

Too many stories to share them all on here without making this post seem like an endless novel. So I'm going to do what I do best and just share my journey through pictures.